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Video of Bonifacio, Nearby Beaches and Excursions

This page contains video footage of Bonifacio Old Town and marina, nearby beaches and suggested day trips. Click on these links to go directly to Beaches and Day Trips video.

Bonifacio Old Town

Bonifacio Old Town clings to the edge of 60 m limestone cliffs in a truly spectacular setting.

The best way to take in this stunning view is from one of the many boat trips that leave the marina on a regular basis.

Bonifacio Marina

It's a fairly steep walk up to the Bonifacio Old Town from the marina below but the fascinating citadel and views over the harbour make it well worth the effort.
Most of the Bonifacio's hotel accommodation is situated around the marina.

This is also the place to come for nightlife with a good selection of bars and restaurants.

Bonifacio Marina and Coast

It is possible to walk along the coastal cliff top to the east of Bonifacio. A two and a half hour round trip will take visitors to Pertusato lighthouse with great views back to the Old Town.

The path starts at the top of the Montée St-Roch steps which leads up to the citadel from the marina.

Beaches to the East of Bonifacio


Calalonga is a tranquil, coarse-sanded beach away from the crowds.

Good for snorkelling due to its reefs and slightly steep shelving into the sea. An undeveloped and serene beach with limited facilities.


Rondinara is a popular beach, renowned for its perfect crescent shaped bay that often appears on postcards of Corsica.

The local herd of cows which frequents Rondinara beach does little to put off the tourists, who flock here across the scenic mountain road that now leads all the way to this attractive beach.

Beaches to the West of Bonifacio


Relax on the fun and friendly Tonnara beach near Bonifacio, whilst watching the windsurfing and kite surfing experts perform their impressive aerial tricks.

Alternatively join in the fun, by hiring a board or taking a windsurfing lesson. Great beach restaurants to refuel in.


Roccapina is a beautiful, wide sandy beach surrounded by granite rock, on which is found the impressive 'Lion de Roccapina' lion-shaped rock formation.

Excellent for beach games and swimming. Note there are no facilities on Roccapina beach, and it can only be accessed via a long and very rutted dirt road.

Despite the poor access, beachgoers are still attracted to this idyllic beach.

Bonifacio Day Trips


To most people, Sartene is probably best known for the award winning wines from the surrounding region.

However, the town of Sartene has a long and often dark history, synonymous with vendetta and religious tradition.

Pianu di Levie

Pianu di Levie is host to two of the most important archaeological sites on Corsica, Curcuruzzu and Capula.

This video shows the entrance into the stone tower of Curcuruzzu via a set of steep steps. The site dates back to 1400 BC.

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