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Porto-Vecchio Corsica

Porto-Vecchio Corsica Guide

Porto-Vecchio is a stylish coastal town, just 27 km from Bonifacio (half an hour's drive). It boasts an historical Old Town, a marina, designer shops, numerous restaurants and bars (not to mention the largest outdoor nightclub in Europe nearby), as well as easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica.

The Old Town has a vibrant feel to it during peak season, teaming with Italians who flock here for sophisticated nightlife and nearby beaches.


A wealthy yachting crowd is also drawn to Porto-Vecchio, taking advantage of its excellent marina facilities and many eateries and boutiques.

Although Porto-Vecchio has no beach of its own, its proximity to countless stunning beaches such as Palombaggia and Santa Guilia add to its popularity. Most of Corsica's best beaches are located between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio on Corsica's south east coast.

Old Town

A day trip to Porto-Vecchio's small Old Town is worthwhile to view the bastion walls, browse the boutiques, or dine in the restaurants and cafes lining the main square or harbour.

There are also restaurants set in the city walls near the Porte Genoise gate, with fantastic panoramic views over the valley, mountains, salt pans and Porto-Vecchio harbour. Boat trips are available from the marina.

There is a tourist office in Porto-Vecchio Old Town on Rue du Docteur Camille de Rocca Serra.

The road from Bonifacio to Porto-Vecchio is the N198 - a good quality straight road. An alternate way to visit Porto-Vecchio is via a boat trip from Bonifacio.


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