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Guide to Bonifacio

The Guide to Bonifacio Corsica provides a comprehensive overview of the historic Old Town (also known as the Haute Ville) and lively marina, with details of historical sights to visit.

Bars and restaurants in Bonifacio are reviewed and other practical information such as how to get to Bonifacio is discussed. A short history of Bonifacio completes the section.

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Bonifacio Corsica Old Town Old Town A guide to the medieval Old Town of Bonifacio with its dramatic cliff edge setting.

Included are places of interest to visit such as the citadel's bastions and gates, churches, towers and the King Aragon steps.

Bonifacio Corsica Marina Marina A review of Bonifacio's prestigious marina. Situated beneath the citadel of the Old Town, various tourist boat trips regularly depart from here.

Also covered are details of the small local beaches directly in Bonifacio and a breathtaking coastal walk.

Bonifacio Corsica Bars Restaurants Bars and Restaurants There is a good choice of bars and restaurants in Bonifacio. Some of the eateries around the marina cater towards the wealthy international yachting community. This is also the centre for nightlife in Bonifacio.

Eating out is cheaper in the Old Town with a range of traditional Corsican restaurants to choose from.

Bonifacio Corsica Information Information Practical information for visitors arriving into Bonifacio by plane or ferry. Included are details of Corsica's airports (in particular the closest airport to Bonifacio, Figari) and transfer times.

An overview of Bonifacio's Tourist Office and parking in the town is given.

Bonifacio Corsica History History Bonifacio has a fascinating history which dates back to the Neolithic and its dramatic setting is thought to have inspired the vicious Laestrygonians described in Homer's Odyssey.

Officially founded in 828 AD by the Tuscan Count Bonifacio, the town was subsequently ruled by Pisans, Genoese and French, each impacting on the character of this deeply historical town.


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