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Bonifacio Corsica Beaches

Bonifacio Corsica Beaches

Located at the very southernmost tip of Corsica, Bonifacio is a good location for accessing great beaches both on the south east and south west coasts of the island.

Several beaches near Bonifacio are exposed to strong and reliable winds, making them suitable for water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing. Others are more sheltered, so ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

As with many beaches in Corsica, those near Bonifacio are largely undeveloped so retain their wild beauty, and are endowed with sparkling turquoise waters and white sands.

There are two small coves actually in Bonifacio (Plage de la Catena and Plage de l'Arinella), on the opposite side of the harbour to the Old Town (reached by a path next to the Aragiuone campsite). These can however be impacted by pollution from the harbour. There is also a tiny, pebbly cove below Bonifacio's citadel, accessed by steps from Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

With a car, some great beaches in the vicinity of Bonifacio can be enjoyed. A sample is reviewed below, with useful information on beach facilities, directions and parking. The interactive map shows the location of each beach (press the Satellite button for an aerial satellite image). Zoom into the maps using the Plus/Cross Sign on the left hand side.

For a preview image and beach information, click on the beach names below.

Water sport enthusiasts should head to Piantarella beach to the east, or Tonnara beach to the west of Bonifacio. Rondinara beach is a famous and popular crescent-shaped beach, accessed via a scenic drive through coastal hillside. Roccapina beach is in another beautiful bay, accessed by a long dirt track, and renowned for its natural lion-shaped sculpture high in the granite cliffs above the beach. Calalonga is a smaller, quieter cove.

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Beaches to the East of Bonifacio

Piantarella Beach Corsica
Piantarella Beach
Calalonga Beach Corsica
Calalonga Beach
Rondinara Beach Corsica
Rondinara Beach

Beaches to the West of Bonifacio

Tonnara Beach Corsica
Tonnara Beach
Roccapina Beach Corsica
Roccapina Beach


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